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Energise London - Behaviour Change in the Low Carbon Zones


Hosts: LSx and Ross Hudson
Address: City Hall, London, SE1 2AA
Cost: Free
Places Available: No more places available

What was the event about?

This event was the first in a series of events bringing together people working on the Mayor's Low Carbon Zones (LCZs). The event was a forum for those working in the zones and external experts to discuss public engagement and focus on helping change attitudes and awareness regarding climate change and sustainability within the zones. While the main focus of the LCZ investment will be on delivering low-carbon infrastructure, ensuring a legacy requires engaging the community in sustainability issues and giving them ownership at an early stage.


For a full report on the content of the event. please click here.

The rest of this page contans the presentations and further resources from the workshops alongwith contact details for the workshop leaders.

Please note the resources available from Peter Martin of Carbon Sense and Gilli Hobbs from BRE, who were unable to make it to City Hall in the snow and couldn't hold their workshops. They are very happy to hear from you if you want to discuss what they would have discussed had they been there!


Behaviour Change in the Low Carbon Zones 
by Gayle Burgess of London Sustainability Exchange

1: Making carbon meaningful to communities

Peter Martin, Director of Carbon Sense
T: 01626 777274

2: Social marketing

John Drummond, Chief Executive of Corporate Culture
T: 0845 607 0000

3: Climate Communications

David Willans of Futerra
T: 020 7549 4690

  • Futerra's Sell the Sizzle guide to communicating climate change messages
  • New Rules of the Game: Futerra's set of golden rules to follow to ensure good climate communications
  • Words that Sell: Research carried out by Futerra on words that do and don't work well when talking about climate change

4: Using communities to create change

Kirsty Balmer of London Sustainability Exchange
T: 0207 234 9406

5: Engagement Tools

Gilli Hobbs of BRE
T: 01923 664 643

6: Tools and support for local authorities

Chris Dunham, Managing Director at Carbon Descent
T: 020 7089 6970

Nick Lomax, Business Development Manager at CEN
T: 020 8683 6802

  • Carbon Descent's Vantage Point introduction and images from the carbon scenario modelling tool
  • Nick's presentation on the Home Energy Efficiency Programme technical trials

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