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8. How environmentally sustainable is the area?

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What sucess would mean

“We will protect and improve the city’s natural ecosystems, its biodiversity, its open spaces and its built environment. We will help to protect the wider regional, national and international environments with which London has links.”

“We will limit and deal with out pollution, and use energy and material resources prudently, efficiently and effectively, including re-using and recycling our residual waste.”

London Sustainable Development Commission1

An environmentally sustainable area is good for...

As an example, sustainable transport behaviours, such as bike or car clubs, can engender good social support networks, improve health, increase job satisfaction, improve civic pride, and reduce inequalities by increasing access to transport, and therefore employment, for the lowest socio-economic groups.

Examples of Relevant National Indicators:

Case study
Camden Walking Plan

What is it?

How does it work?

What are the main impacts?

For more information, contact:
Camden Walking Plan
T: 020 7974 5140

1. London Sustainable Development Commission Framework

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