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3. How responsible, strong and cohesive are local communities?

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What success would mean

“As citizens of a world city, we will be aware of the impact of our actions in the rest of the UK and beyond, and will take a responsible world leadership role which contributes to the planet’s sustainability.”

“We will build and sustain a powerful sense of ownership and responsibility for our city, with civic participation as the norm.”

London Sustainable Development Commission Framework1

“We need to create stronger communities – ones where people are informed about what action is happening to address their concerns, where people feel it is worth them taking the time to pick up the phone, go to a residents’ meeting or put a youth night on for the local kids.”

Home Office2

Community cohesion is what must happen in all communities to enable different groups of people to get on well together. People all want to fulfil their potential and feel that they belong and contribute to their local area.”


Responsible, strong and cohesive communities are good for…

Examples of Relevant National Indicators:

Case Study:
Walterton and Elgin Community Homes (WECH)

What is it?

How does it work?

What are the main impacts?

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