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Surround Tool

London Sustainability Exchange has developed an interactive tool for anyone designing and delivering projects aimed at improving quality of life in London.

Why use the tool?

This tool helps you make the links between different aspects of the community your project could impact on at an early stage and gives guidance on how to strengthen your project.

This can help you deliver against government targets and enable residents to enjoy better health, wealth and quality of life.

Who is the tool for?

Launch The Tool

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Social care meeting people's needs and choices

How well are families supported?

How responsible, strong and cohesive are local communities?

How safe is the area?

How respectful, cohesive and strong are local communities?

How well is inequality being addressed?

How well kept is the area?

How environmentally sustainable is the area?

How well is housing need being met?

How healthy and well supported are people?

How strong is the local economy?

How good is the wellbeing of young people and children


This work has been kindly supported by the Homes and Communities Agency Academy.



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