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Cleaner Air 4 Schools


The challenge

An estimated 4,000 Londoners die prematurely each year from causes related to air pollution[1]. Air pollution contributes to a myriad of health problems including asthma, heart disease and lung disease. Children are particularly at risk because of their smaller lung capacity and proximity to vehicle exhausts.


London Sustainability Exchange’s Cleaner Air 4 Schools project was initially launched to support Transport for London’s Clean Air Fund.  Since then, we have worked with schools from three different London boroughs, with a combined total of over 3000 pupils. Our latest school engagement was with Laycock Primary School in Islington, and we are excited to start working with schools in Wandsworth, Croydon, Merton and Richmond for the next stage of this project.


The project aims to improve the confidence, knowledge and skills of both pupils and the wider school community (parents, teachers and school governors), helping them understand the importance of air quality, the main causes of air pollution and actions that can be taken to tackle this problem.

Key objectives:


How do we do it?

LSx deliver a focused campaign to the schools empowering pupils, parents, teachers and governors to better understand air pollution using ‘citizen science’ methods and supporting them to educate others on the problem of air pollution.



What have we achieved?


Schools Toolkit

The leading Cleaner Air for Schools Toolkit has been co-produced by LSx and the schools, in partnership with the Greater London Authority, and is available on request. Our toolkit is packed full of information and resources to help schools raise awareness of air quality issues in London and deliver inspirational behaviour change programmes.


“More kids participate, more parents will know. Kids participate more, their parents will know more.”

Parent, St Vincent


“The children have absolutely loved it and have been inspired to really take things further. We don’t have to stop do we? They’ve come up with loads of new ideas for projects and things and want to keep going.”

Teacher, St Edward’s

Prevoius Report

LSx has worked on this project since 2011 in various different locations. Below you can find links to previous project reports.

Canonbury Primary School January 13th – 17th 2014 



For more information, contact Gemma George on 0207 234 9404 or email

[1] Greater London Authority, Estimation of Health Impacts of Particulate Pollution in London, June 2010.

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