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Motivating EDF Energy Staff for Healthy Sustainable Living

The workplace is a key channel through which to reach individuals. 

The utility company EDF Energy had been running a 'London 2012 Ambassadors Programme' to motivate employees to support and champion the London 2012 Olympic Bid campaign. The pilot therefore aided the sustainability objectives of the company, while enabling LSx to test various motivating approaches in the workplace.

Pilot aim:
EDF Energy wanted to encourage their employees to support and endorse the London 2012 'One Planet Olympics'. The pilot aimed to raise awareness of this and encourage EDF Energy employees to take up environmentally sustainable behaviours. 

Key messages:
Employees were invited to reduce their ecological footprint as part of their support for the One Planet Olympics.

Key partners:
EDF Energy

Communication channels used:

Profile of target audience:
1800 EDF employees who were 'London 2012 Ambassadors', officially supporting a ‘One Planet Olympics’ within the company.

Motivators and barriers identified:
Motivators included offering prizes such as FA Cup tickets and fair trade/organic chocolate, and the use of an article featuring and celebrating the success of the competition winners.

Barriers to taking part in the competition included:

Outputs / activities:
A game was set up on the company Intranet, which encouraged employees to examine their ecological footprint.

London 2012 Ambassadors were given pledges to fill in and sign.

An article was placed in the company magazine to highlight the programme

Monitoring and evaluation:
A telephone survey was conducted with a sample of the 1800 representatives of the target audience directly reached by this pilot, to determine their level of involvement in the competition and quiz and the barriers to non-involvement. Competition entrants were also interviewed and their pledges were recorded. They were also asked whether the magazine article (which reached 11,000 overall) had motivated them to take up environmental behaviours.

Key results / outcomes:
Awareness of the One Planet Olympics campaign was high. Access to the intranet and magazine was also high, but the number of employees who took part in the pledges was lower than expected. However, some employees who took part indicated that they had taken up environmental behaviour for the first time. Those who had taken pledges had managed to sustain their activities beyond two months.

Surveys indicated that 95% of those participating in the competition felt the One Planet Olympics competition was a “very good idea.”

Interviews indicated that those who had pledged to take up environmental actions were still undertaking these actions two months after the conclusion of pilot activities.

“I think people need to change their mindset on travelling by car and think of the alternatives. It then becomes more ingrained.”

“It’s been fairly easy to do; I have been using teleconference facilities and where possible worked from home using a laptop. It has saved me money on the petrol bills!”

Furthermore the majority (53%) felt that it was not difficult to maintain this environmental behaviour.

Pledges included a range of environmental activities that would be undertaken in the workplace or at home, and involve encouraging friends, family or colleagues to participate, such as:

Replicability aspects: successes / lessons learned:




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