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Learner Network Events

Energise London runs three different event series, aimed at bringing together people with common interests and goals to share skills, experiences and knowledge with each other to advance the transition to a sustainable London.

  • Executive Breakfasts
  • Speed Networking
  • Message Massages

Invitations to these events are sent out to members of the Energise London Learner Network.

Executive Breakfast series:

Energising London hosts four Executive Breakfasts each year. They cover high-level policy and strategic planning, targetted at Executive and Director level of the Public, Private and voluntary sectors. The Breakfasts take the format of short presentations by key-note speakers, followed by short, panel discussions and networking opportunities.

Speed Networking series:

Energise London hosts three of these sessions each year. Aimed at senior managers, coordinators and policy officers they facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge exchange targeted at professionals currently promoting pro-environmental behaviour on energy and water usage in London. These are informal, social-networking events, enabling organisations to meet and discuss work being undertaken, preventing duplication, while encouraging knowledge and skills sharing, and project collaboration.

Message Massage series:

Energise London hosts four Message Massage events each year for project officers, assistants, delivery and outreach officers. The key here is 'practical skills for best pratice delivery'. These half-day events offer a combination of speakers, workshops and discussion sessions in an interactive and friendly environment. These will enable participants and delegates to pool professional knowledge, experiences and skills in order to better foster pro-environmental behaviour across the capital's communities. Topics will improve project officers capacity to deliver effective projects and programmes to advance energy and water efficiency.

Interested? For details of events that are coming soon and for details of events we have held in the past click here.

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