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Green Mosques

Do you know people in your community who are fuel poor, or are vulnerable to extreme weather, such as heat-waves or drought? 
Would you like practical and financial support to organise fun green activities that bring your community together?
Sign up to Green Mosques! 
What’s it about?
London Sustainability Exchange (LSx) is looking for mosques and community groups who would like support in taking action to encourage energy efficiency behaviour and tackle fuel poverty in their community. With support from IFEES, MADE in Europe and LSx, Green Mosques aims to reach people in Muslim communities who have the most to benefit from actions that help households save money on their energy bills and reduce their risk of fuel poverty. 
Benefits of signing up:
? Receive funding, materials and resources to help deliver the project and support volunteer champions to take part;
? Get a FREE Eco-Audit for your Mosque or centre
? Ideas and flexible support to develop activities which promote sustainable lifestyles and create a community action plan;
? Invitations to training workshops and events run by LSx and partner organisations for community organisations;
? Increased confidence and skills to engage people from your community groups in changing behaviour towards energy efficiency and understanding how to tackle fuel poverty;
? Establishing connections with other London Mosques and Islamic groups, with opportunities to share ideas and learn from each other.
What’s involved? 
? Identify a delivery team of enthusiastic and interested volunteer community champions to promote sustainability within your Mosque or centre;
? Draw up an Action Plan – with LSx support – that is based on your regular and existing activities and learn basic tools for measuring your impact;
? Community champions develop  knowledge & skills by attending special training events and organising actions within their community.
? Delivering practical activities and events with support from LSx, IFEES and MADE in Europe , including installing household energy efficiency measures.
? Supporting people in your networks to find ways that they can act on fuel poverty and save money on energy bills through behavioural change. 
? We will work with you flexibly – in line with your capacity and your priorities. 
'They will sit on couches, feeling neither scorching heat nor biting cold'
Qur'an Surat al-Insan 76:13

Green Mosques developed a social action community energy project, working through natural social gravity to build up its members and develop new avenues for community energy. Social networks and friendship groups made social action fun and easier for people to engage. Social action creates a powerful introduction to community energy and creates a buzz around community energy.

  • Green Mosques was successful at tackling fuel poverty through social action and volunteering within a Muslim population. Overall, 532 volunteers reached a further 18,038 people.
  • 57 homes (141 people) benefitted from volunteer-led retrofits creating collective annual savings of £2,419 or £42 per household. We anticipate the project has saved 17 tonnes of CO2e.

The project case study can be downloded here

'They will sit on couches, feeling neither scorching heat nor biting cold'

Qur'an Surat al-Insan 76:13

For more information, please contact Ben Hudson, Projects Officer at

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