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London’s population is now at its highest and is still growing. Unfortunately, London’s use of scarce resources such as energy and water is unsustainable, and our transport and waste infrastructure are under pressure.

We are working with business and government to help make London’s built environment fit for the future, through initiatives to:

  • Increase the speed of take-up of renewable energy particularly community energy for new developments, but also with groups such as schools, churches and mosques. 
  • Support community groups and voluntary organisations ensure that their offices premises are as green as they could be through our Greening the Third Sector Project funded by City Bridge Trust
  • We developed a sustainable construction skills framework for the 2012 Olympics and the Thames Gateway.


Current projects

London Infrastructure Plan 2050 consultation events

London is a world-class city but will continue to face infrastructure challenges on an ever-growing scale as its population increases over the next 30 years.

LSx organised two consultation events, one for young people and one for business professionals, to engage Londoners on the nature of these problems and what could be done to solve them.

We are awaiting a response from the Greater London Authority having presented our findings from the events.


Previous projects 

2012 Stratford City:

LSx had been involved with London 2012 since the beginning of the bid and was a member of the Environment Advisory Group.

"London Sustainability Exchange will play a significant role in networking NGOs and other partners to develop plans, review progress and share ideas." London 2012 Candidate File


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