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Influencing Change, September '06

Motivate London Events

Motivate London is holding several events on an annual basis to help support London professionals motivate Londoners to take on board more environmentally sustainable behaviour.

Next Learning Network Event - 16 November 2007

It will focus on Environmental Justice and will take place on the Friday 16th of November 2007 (morning event).
  • Expert insight into what Environmental Justice means for communities in the capital
  • Tools and techniques for identifying, evaluating, mapping and addressing issues.
  • A better understanding of how to overcome barriers to addressing these issues
  • Networking to build contacts and gain awareness of what others are doing
For more information, please read the attached Agenda.
To register, please reply send email to Jerome Veriter -



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Below is an archive of the events that the Motivate London project has hosted to date:

Climate of Change: Putting Climate Change Policies into Practice - April 2007
Over 70 people from a wide range of disciplines attended this event where expert speakers gave their views on sustainable procurement and the Mayor's 'Climate Change Action Plan'. Workshop groups discussed issues of good practice, approaches for engaging culturally diverse communities in sustainability, and effective action planning using Local Area Agreements.
Click on the links below or contact Shalini Jayasinghe for more details.

 Invitation to event and description  PDF (0.1mb)
 Presentation: Nicole Fletcher, London Centre for Excellence for Sustainable Procurement  PDF (0.6mb)
 Presentation: Andrew Deacon, Greater London Authority  PDF (1.5mb)

Sustainability and the Arts - January 2007

This event explored the potential for using artisitc media as a technique to communicate messages of behaviour change. Expert speakers Claire Brass, Chair (Design Council), Hugh Knowles (Forum for the Future) and Monica Saini (MoveMusti Dance School) gave presentations based on their work and experiences. Workshop groups attempted to apply a specific medium to a chosen campaign and tried to establish the strengths and weaknesses of that artform for delivering their message.

 Presentation: Hugh Knowles, Forum for the Future  PDF (1.3mb)
 Presentation: Monica Saini, MoveMusti Dance School  PDF (0.8mb)

Influencing Change - September 2006
This free event aimed to provide expert advice and practical examples in order to help delegates identify what makes a successful agent of behavioural change. It also served to develop their skills and capacity to cascade and embed more sustainable lifestyles in their communities.
Speakers Veronica Sharp from The Social Marketing Practice and Jagdeesh Singh from London 21 Sustainability Network presented on building community champions of behaviour change.
 Presentation: Veronica Sharp, The Social Marketing Practice  PDF (803kb)
 Presentation: Jagdeesh Singh, London 21 Sustainability Network  PDF (121kb)

Why Projects Work - April 2006
This event aimed to help delegates identify and understand the elements of successful project management. It also functioned to empower delegates with a suite of project management skills to enable them to deliver effective behaviour change projects of their own.
Key speakers Ros Bedlow of SEA/RENUE and Ola Bankole from London Borough of Hackney gave their thoughts on the key stages in delivering a project and overcoming barriers on the way.
Presentation: Ros Bedlow, SEA/RENUE  PDF (69kb)
Presentation: Ola Bankole, London Borough of Hackney  PDF (113kb)

Buyer Behaviour - November 2005
This seminar helped delegates better understand buyer behaviour and consumer choice in London’s culturally diverse communities. It also provided a toolkit of tried and trusted marketing techniques, to help delegates develop and deliver innovative campaigns that effectively encourage these communities to take up more environmentally sustainable behaviour.
 Presentation: Solitaire Townsend, Futerra Sustainability Communications  PDF (860kb)  
 Presentation: David Thorp, Chartered Institute of Marketing  PDF (364kb)
 Workshop Summaries  PDF (102kb)
 Briefing Sheet  PDF (93.7kb)


BME communities and the environment - the partnership approach - June 2005
This seminar provided training by bassac and the Black Training and Enterprise Group on how to effectively work in partnership with Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups on environmental issues. A number of issues were identified and discussed, and delegates shared their thoughts and experiences on engaging diverse communities.

 Briefing Sheet: Top tips, tools and techniques for success  PDF (130kb)
 Presentation: Progress Through Partnerships: engaging the BME voluntary sector  PDF (151kb)

Creative tools to engage London communities - April 2005
This seminar focused on creative approaches to engage with London communities to help increase participation in environmentally sustainable behaviour. The seminar shared the knowledge and learning from the speakers experiences and expertise of working with their 'tool' to engage Londoners to change their behavior.  A range of media tools such as ethnic media, plays, video and events were showcased as examples. More>
 Presentation: Rita Shamia, The Media Trust  PDF (8.96kb)
 Anti-Apathy, information sheet  PDF (73kb)
 Presentation: Cyndi Rhoades, Anti-Apathy  request from
 London Sustainability Exchange, information sheet  PDF (433.6kb)
 Presentation: Claire Lipop, London Sustainability Exchange  PDF (887kb)

Engaging BME Communities December 2004
This seminar focused on tried and tested approaches to successfully engaging with BME communities to encourage their take up of sustainable lifestyles.  The seminar pulled together good practice examples on what does and doesn’t work and gave advice on how experts from the research, marketing, media and campaigning worlds have successfully engaged BME audiences. More>
 Presentation: David Peckham, MORI Social Research Institute  PDF (195kb)  
 Presentation: Tetteh Kofi, Ethnic Media Group  PDF (88kb)
 Presentation: Angela Spence, Black Training & Enterprise Group & Ade Fashade, British Association of Social Settlement & Action Centres  PDF (154kb)
 Presentation: Javed Husain, Media Reach Advertising  PDF (347kb)
 Presentation: Rev Ruben King, ENHANCE  PDF (326kb)
 Presentation: Mark Henderson, LB of Camden  PDF (930kb)
 Presentation: Harris Beider, CURS  PDF (115kb)
 Presentation: Ian Tanner, REECH  PDF (1.91mb)

Branding for Behaviour Change - September 2004
From niche market to mass appeal - this seminar looked at how branding and communication techniques can transform your activities to persuade Londoners to take up environmentally sustainable lifestyles. Sylvie Barr, Head of Marketing and winner of The Marketing Society's 'marketer of the year' award, provided an insight into how Cafedirect's brand evolved into a highly successful brand and how these techniques can be applied to promote sustainable lifestyles. Workshops were also held on Branding and London media using experts in the field, Peter Mills from the Team and Tim Webb from London Sustainability Weeks.
 Presentation: Sylvie Barr, Café Direct PDF (1.3mb)
 Presentation: Peter Mills, The Team  PDF (800kb)
 Case studies: Peter Mills, The Team.  PDF (477kb)
 Presentation: Tim Webb, London Sustainability Weeks  PDF (267kb)
 Tim Webb, handout  PDF (82kb)

Motivate London Launch - April 2004
Speaking at the launch, marketing and sustainability specialist Solitaire Townsend, challenged the approach of traditional environmental campaigns. She pointed out that market research into the public’s attitudes to green behaviour was tiny compared to the research undertaken for a simple product like orange juice.

She also introduced the audience to the five “P”s of marketing: Price, Product, Point of Sale, Packaging and Promotion. The tools of marketing have been developed over decades, and she called upon environmentalists to overcome their distrust of marketing and PR and seize upon a formula that works.

Though marketing and the environment have traditionally been seen as enemies, Townsend cited the familiarity of brands like Body Shop, Fairtrade and the ethical bank Smile as proof that attitudes can change. A workshop was provided for participants to discuss how marketing ideas could influence their own campaigns and local projects in the city.
 Presentation: Solitaire Townsend, Futerra  PDF (288kb)
 Workshop 'Walking the Talk' discussion  PDF (50kb)
 Storyboarding  PDF (64kb)
 Press release  PDF (41kb)

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