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COP21 in Paris – making it real for Londoners

The Opportunity – and the Challenge

 The COP21 Conference in Paris from 30th November 2015 onwards presents an opportunity and a challenge to those who are involved in climate change and sustainability issues. The opportunity is that Conference will get a lot of media attention and (for a short time at least) climate change and how to really address it will be in the public eye and public consciousness. The challenge is to turn this opportunity into something that makes a change in the lives of individual Londoners. The LSx, GAP and FOE COP21 engagement project aims to seize this opportunity and meet this challenge.


As a leading global city, London must be at the forefront of the advances towards building a resilient, low-carbon economy and society.



 Anticipation is high for the conference with ambitious aims being set. This year may see the development of a set of legally binding mitigation strategies that aim to ensure global temperatures do not increase by more than 2°C above pre-industrial levels. With an expected 50,000 delegates from around 190 countries, alleyes will be on Paris this December.



Our Campaign

 LSx, in partnership with Friends of the Earth, Global Action Plan, Groundwork and London Assembly members will be working with London’s communities to pledge lifestyle changes which reduce carbon emissions and make a real impact on our contribution to climate change. In return, the Mayor of London will be asked to pledge to make positive changes across London and push for more innovative strategies at the COP21 meeting in December.


Questions will be put to the Mayor during Mayor’s Question Time in September and November, to be asked at the COP21 Conference.


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