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UCL Forum 29th February 2016

UCL Smart, Sustainable London Forum

At this event, we looked into innovative technological developments that are guiding us towards a more sustainable city. One such development is the introduction of Smart meters, telling you exactly how much gas and electricity you are using in your home - no more letting someone in with a reader, or estimates from suppliers. We will investigate the idea of a truly circular economy; purposefully designed to be waste-free and resilient. We will discuss community gardens, where more food is locally sourced in a sustainable manner.

This event was not limited to technological solutions and innovation. It also aimed to reinforce decision-making and encourage increased energy and water efficiency.

But the other purpose of this event was for you to bring your ideas to us, which inspired specific new collaborations with academics.

The third community event in this series was a great success. Academics and delegates were planning projects for:

- How to roll out Smart Meters beyond “early adopters”.

- How raise awareness for reduction in utility usage, e.g. Gas, Electricity and Water.

- How dissolved oxygen in household heating systems contributes to more expensive bills and maintenance costs (and how Oxypod can potentially overcome this)

- Develop a standardised modelling tool all new developments must use – with a public access app.





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