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About Greener Food

Greener Food offered free advice and support for restaurants and cafes across London.

Food and drink businesses were supported to operate more efficiently, achieve savings and boost profits through:

  • Reducing waste and increasing recycling
  • Sourcing food from more sustainable sources
  • Conserving energy and water use
  • Improved marketing opportunities
  • Improving the green skills of their workforces

Over the course of the project over 300 businesses were supported through events, advice and free materials, while a further 300 individuals across the food sector were enabled to improve their skills.

To find out more about Greener Food  take a look at our Greener Food Menu which is still available online and contains a range of useful resources.

Background to Greener Food

Our capital offers 60 different cuisines in over 12,000 restaurants, 6,000 cafes and 5,000 pubs, and more. 

Londoners produce nearly 900,000 tonnes of food waste - enough to feed 8 million people! And nearly all of the fruit and half of the vegetables we buy in the UK comes from abroad.

This waste and the distance travelled by our groceries is costly to your business and has a damaging effect on the environment. Greener Food helped businesses boost their profits and reputation by tackling this damage.

Greener Food was a three year project which ran until March 2009, with funding from the London Development Agency.



You can find out about the Greener Food partner organisations here.

Find out more about our Towards a Greener Food and Drink Pilot project


Photograph by Gavin Monk on behalf of London Food Link

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