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We are supporting policy makers and practitioners to make the most of the opportunities to improve quality of life for all Londoners. Our recent projects include:

Energising London

With 2014 being declared the warmest year on record, it is clear that climate change is here to stay and likely to cause significant impact on all our lives. People who live and work in our capital, enable London to thrive and therefore their transition towards sustainable lifestyles is the key to manage our resources and build a progressive future.

Over the past ten years we have been working on our Energising London programme – supporting those in fuel poverty as well as those who wish to reduce how much energy they use in their homes.

Supporting those in fuel poverty

More recently we worked with 26 energy champions from 10 different food banks across London, fitting energy saving retrofit materials with an estimated combined carbon saving of 9631 kg of CO2 per year (£3,308 equivalent).

“For example food bank guests come from social services with a housing problem. No-one has asked them about energy debt before”

Volunteer from Haringey Food bank

Through our Smart Homes programme in 2015, we have worked with 44 community groups reaching out to over 370,000 people across 3 Boroughs with: 

“We’ve been pleased to assist LSx in promoting the Smart Homes grants to members of the community. It opened up a dialogue we wouldn’t normally have with our service users about energy efficiency and home improvements.”

Laura, Voluntary Action Walthamstow


The LSx, GAP and FOE COP21 engagement project aims to seize the opportunity and meet the challenge presented by this international climate conference, Turning it into something that makes a change in the lives of individual Londoners. 

Improving local decision-making
Helped public, private and voluntary sector professionals working for a sustainable London to get the know-how they need to deliver better outcomes.
Supported: LSPs, Community Strategies and Local Area Agreements.

Tackling environmental inequalities
Brought together residents and environment professionals to tackle environmental poverty.


The Transform project helped Londoners revamp green spaces, reduce their waste and get connected to their communities.

A key partnership initiative within LOCOG’s Changing Places programme, Transform used the Olympics as a hook to encourage sustainability in Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Greenwich. London Sustainability Exchange has joined forces with Groundwork London to help communicate environmental messages and monitor and evaluate behaviour change within the project. 

The project began in December 2010 and ended December 2013 during which time:

* December 2011 statistics

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