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Degrees Cooler

Degrees Cooler is an exciting project aimed at encouraging environmentally-focused behaviour change in staff and students in 20 universities across England. Sponsored by Defra’s Greener Living Fund, and running from 2009-2011, Degrees Cooler is made up of three interrelated behaviour change projects which promote sustainable living to students, staff and the wider community:

>>Student Switch Off is a not-for-profit campaign to encourage students to save energy in halls of residence, using a range of events and prizes as incentives to take part and to promote energy saving through peer-to-peer communication.

>>The Going Greener campaign is run by People & Planet groups in universities. It brings staff and students together to develop and implement a community response to the twin challenges of climate change and energy security.

>>Green Impact aims to encourage, reward and celebrate practical environmental improvements in university departments. It is an environmental accreditation scheme designed to empower individuals and departments to reduce their environmental impact.

Each of these three projects has been making impressive progress across the four behaviours that the programme aims to positively impact on:

  • Saving energy
  • Recycling more
  • Eating local sustainable food
  • Reducing flying

Where does LSx come in?
LSx is coordinating the monitoring and evaluation of the project, working alongside the NUS and project partners to measure and analyse the impact of the programme in delivering behavioural change. Using a range of quantitative and qualitative methods to gather and analyse data we are assessing how successful the programme is and identifying how best to work with students and staff to reduce their impacts in the future.

For more information on LSx’s role in Degrees Cooler, or how we can support the evaluation of your own projects, please contact LSx at or 020 7234 9400.



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