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EcoVate was launched in 2009 to provide support to small and medium size businesses across London until its close in 2012.

The services offered through the project aimed to help businesses make a contribution towards reducing their environmental impact while making potential financial savings through better waste, resource and energy management.

Businesses from a range of sectors, including the media and creative industries, food sector, retail and IT have benefitted from the support provided by EcoVate which includes:

Case Studies

Downs’ Syndrome Association Supported by Greening the Third Sector (City Bridge Trust)

Support to the Downs’ Syndrome Association helped them reduce their costs by £71,478 in 2009 /10. They also helped develop our Charity Green Challenge toolkit for voluntary sector organisations.

‘By acting as great mentors, LSx staff ensured that we received a high level of support throughout the relationship, and helped us not only to achieve our goals, but improved our infrastructure by way of creating environmental policy documents, and providing in house training to our staff.’

‘Staff were very impressed by the impact of what looked like small changes. The effect of reducing travel by using video conferencing and similar is not really instantly obvious… but the difference was very clear when we looked at the charity’s bank balance! ’

Paul Zanon, Business Development Director


Susan Walker Architects

Susan Walker Architects is a small firm of architects who took part in LSx’s construction sector support. This consisted of group workshops on office and operational environmental impacts, as well as tailored advice on Environmental Management Systems. Susan Walker Architects now have environmental policies and an action plan in place and are taking steps to reduce environmental impacts across their operations.

‘Ecovate gave us a very useful introductory workshop, plus in-house follow up advice and some contacts who could offer us similar construction project examples.’

‘Our biggest challenge generally is improving the environmental impact of the refurbishment projects we undertake, as we have to persuade individual clients of the benefits. Most subcontractors have been very enthusiastic about the changes!’

Dominique Andrews, Senior Architect


RCS London

RCS London is an IT service provider who were struggling to reduce their energy consumption from necessary equipment. Their Ecovate audit enabled them to calculate energy use from their PCs and produce an action plan to reduce impact.

‘As an IT company we are a major consumer of electricity. There are usually three or four screens on everyone’s desk. Staff were encouraged to turn off any unused machines. This was the biggest challenge for us.’

‘We also enforced a recycling policy and proper guidelines. We put a section on our website about environmental policies so that our customers are aware of the steps we’ve taken.’

Ravi Rayarel, Founder


Feast on the Hill

LSx worked with a range of localbusinesses in Muswell Hill. We supported the Low Carbon Zone by working through the Muswell Hill Traders Group, held local events offering sustainability advice and resources, and provided tailored individual help to businesses.

Roger Ward of Feast is chair of the traders group and has set a great example to other local businesses, winning a gold award at the Ecovate and Haringey Council-supported 2011 Muswell Hill Green Awards.

‘Our customers were asking what we were doing to make ourselves greener so we got involved in Ecovate.’ ‘We reduced our energy output with a new cold room, a new air conditioning unit, fridge seals and energy-saving light bulbs. We’ve had a really positive customer response so far.’

Roger Ward, Owner


In addition LSx have recently launched a business toolkit along with the Federation of Small Business. Click here for more information.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this work, or if you are interested in receiving support for your business, please contact Ben Hudson, Project Officer at LSx:020 7234 9400

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