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Energise Brent

Our changing Environment will have a very real effect on our daily lives, directly changing the ways in which we go about them.

Energise Brent seeks to enable, empower the local community to actively engage in and tackle issues surrounding Carbon Emissions, and sustainability practises. By building local capacity enabling measurable behavioural change through a bottom up, scalable projects to help deliver Brent's Climate Change Communications Strategy and the Climate Change Champions scheme to a wider audience.

The Project began in 1st July 2012 and will run to 31st March 2015

The Project aims to:

  • Increase sustainability awareness and practice
  • Engage the community in reducing carbon emissions
  • Encourage people to become more involved in their community

LSx, will do this through:

  • Working with three community groups at risk of environmental inequalities, Faith groups, Social housing and older people (55+).
  • Aligning environmental activities with residents’ values and interests such as faith, meeting neighbours and enjoying healthy food
  • Recruiting and training community champions to deliver and promote the scheme locally
  • Helping residents to reduce their energy bills and make real savings

For more information please contact Gemma George at or 020 7234 9400.

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