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Greener Food Menu - Welcome

Welcome from Cyrus Todiwala, Executive Chef and Owner of Cafe Spice Namaste and member of Greener Food

“Since I started out in London’s restaurant industry in 1992 I’ve seen my customers’ requests changing. Today’s consumers expect healthy, organic food and drink made from fresh, locally-produced ingredients. And they’re willing to pay extra for that quality assurance.

Expectations also extend beyond the product to a business’s operations. People are now asking: Does my local recycle its waste? Why does my lunch spot keep its lights on all night? Where have the ingredients of my dinner out with friends come from?

At Café Spice Namasté we’ve been putting our eco values into practice. I’ve seen how running a green restaurant has increased our profits, popularity and staff happiness. It’s such a simple and effective recipe for success."

Read on for other examples of London’s pioneering Greener Food businesses and for simple steps  you can take to give your business a green boost.

Become one of London’s successful green businesses, sign up  to Greener Food today!

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