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London is experiencing increased periods of intense rainfall; our storm water system was built to support a population of 4 million people. The population now stands at 8 million, with the Environment Agency estimating that 1 million people are living on the flood plain and climate change likely to increase tidal surges, and rising sea levels. There is a very real need to mitigate against these problems.

LSx will be working with community organisation the boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham and Kensington and Chelsea (supported by Thames Water) where there had been a large number of incidences involving surcharge from sewers (7,500 properties at risk) and properties flooded (2,000 confirmed incidences).

Through Greenstreets, LSx and partner AECOM will be embarking on a pilot project to install strategic sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) in residential areas.


LSx will use our experience in community engagement and peer led social marketing to undertake a campaign, which will engage, encourage and enable Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington and Chelsea community members to:

• Provide a community engagement plan that resonates with the boroughs’ priorities: (such as home ownership, cleaner and greener and educational priorities)

• Recognise the need for SUDS in their local environment through participating in a citizens’ science programme of activities testing and measuring local rainfall and flooding.

• Participate in measurement and data gathering, which will underpin decision making

• Participate in the optioneering process to identify suitable locations for strategic SUDS in the community

• Contribute to the scrutiny committee and thereby giving councillors the confidence that the community are engaged.

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