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Key Life Changes

Establishing new behaviours is easier at a time when people go through a ‘key life change’ - such as moving into a new home.

Pilot aim:
To encourage new Notting Hill Housing Group (NHHG) residents to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle when they move into their home.

Key messages:
“Improve your health, wealth and quality of life by taking a series of small steps towards more environmentally sustainable behaviour.”  This was developed through consultation with the NHHG Residents’ Committee.

Key partners:

Communication channels used:
Newsletters, Resident’s Committees, annual conferences and events, e-mail and face-to-face communication, and the NHHG website

Profile of target audience:
New NHHG Housing Association tenants, representing a cross section of almost 20 different ethnicities and socio-economic groups C, D and E.

Promotion of pilot activities reached 50,000 other NHHG residents.

Motivators and barriers identified:
Motivators included improvements in health, wealth and quality of life, utility bill cost savings and improved community cohesion.
Barriers included apathy / lack of interest / time, and a lack of awareness about local infrastructural provision / support

Outputs / activities:

Monitoring and evaluation:
Formative face-to-face surveys with residents were carried out with a sample of the 50,000 people that were expected to be reached through this pilot, after 6 weeks at “settling in” visits. Consultation was also carried out at a residents’ conference using the format of a focus group. Additional ‘face-to-face’ visits were held as well as a summative focus group.

Key results / outcomes:
Focus groups identified that the advice and information on the DVD and the Sustainability Starter Kit (delivered to approximately 200 new tenants) has helped new residents to adopt greener lifestyles. The support on energy saving through energy saving light bulbs, insulation, water saving through save-a-flushes and shower timers and in particular, tips on how these changes could save money had been particularly effective motivators.

“I thought the DVD was a very good idea. It was informative and well produced and it had real people not actors so it made it more realistic like you can relate to it.”

“It’s a good booklet, it has a lot of useful information in there. A lot of them are common sense things so that’s something you feel you can do and there’s no massive pressure. I like the boiling one cup of water thing.”

“I think the activities I’ve been to have opened eyes to new things. I’ve learned new things from it.”

“I got those energy saving bulbs fitted in my house because I heard they saved you money on your electric bill.”

Workshop attendees reported the event at the Annual Tenant’s Conference was:
“Very stimulating and informative."
"Very good and very informative."

We are delighted to have received strong feedback on the pilot from our delivery partner:

"Notting Hill is delighted with the outcome of our partnership with London Sustainability Exchange. Using the vehicle of smaller steps to a greener lifestyle has helped us to address much wider and equally significant issues with our tenants. We are specifically focussing on helping people take more responsibility for themselves and their future and communicating this message through the medium of film has helped us deliver the message very well indeed."

“Thank you - we are really happy you are able to attend our Open Days. You are one of our most valued partners and we always find that you provide such useful information. We always learn something new from you!”

We were consequently invited to give further presentations to Notting Hill Housing Group as a result of this feedback

Replicability aspects: successes / lessons learned:
The Sustainability Starter Kit and DVD could be adapted to be locally specific. These were both seen as very useful tools for new residents.



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