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London Infrastructure Plan 2050

London is a world-class city but will continue to face challenges on an ever-growing scale as it copes with the pressure of a population increase of 37% to 11.3 million people by 2050. The Greater London Authority identified some of the key demands which will be placed on the city’s infrastructure – you can find the figures in a condensed report here.

LSx organised two separate consultation events: one on the 6th November for young Londoners (majority of participants were under 35) and one on the 27th November specifically related to the circular economy (for business professionals and representatives from sustainability organisations).

The purpose was to engage Londoners on the specific nature of infrastructure demands, and to generate new ideas and conversation on how they can be met whilst also aiming to make London a more sustainable and prosperous city. With such complex challenges to consider, each event was opened with a series of short provocation sessions, designed to introduce the problems faced in individual sectors, followed by a choice of longer discussion workshops which allowed people to dig a little a deeper for the solutions.

To read the summary of our findings for each consultation event, please click on the headings below:

Young Londoners – (the internet, quality of life, the housing market, socially sustainable infrastructure and the green economy in relation to green entrepreneurs)

Circular economy – (upping the demand for recycled goods, remanufacturing, boosting collection and transport and freight)


Common themes appearing in both events included a call for a greater representation of community stakeholders and small/voluntary organisations on the Delivery Board, integrating sustainability into infrastructure planning stages, establishing standardised and decentralised recycling/re-use hubs and developing financial incentives for green investment. Participants agreed that the events gave them a wonderful opportunity to engage with people of like-minded values but diverse ideas.

LSx have submitted our key findings from the events to the GLA and look forward to seeing these recommendations taken on board and a greater emphasis placed on sustainable solutions in the London Infrastructure Plan for 2050.


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