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Hackney Community College
Provides practical advice, courses and development programmes to all types of businesses involved in the hospitality industry.

Considerate Hoteliers  
Provides events, information and advice for members on environmental and sustainability issues.

Energy Saving Trust
Almost half of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions come from energy we use every day. Use this site for top tips on cutting your energy consumption.

Environment Agency                                                       
It's the Environment Agency’s job to look after our environment and make it a better place. Use their site to find out about the latest environmental news and activities.

Offers UK businesses free, independent, confidential advice and support on practical ways to increase profits, minimise waste, and reduce environmental impact.

London Remade  
Provides specialist support to help grow green enterprises and introduce green practices to existing businesses. They focus particularly on opportunities for reducing waste, reuse and recycling. 020 7061 6360.

Carbon Descent
Works with businesses to find practical, affordable and sustainable solutions which reduce carbon footprints through wiser choices in the use of energy, resources, transport, the built environment and renewables. 020 7582 9191.








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