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Welcome to the Healthier London Support Network's Resource Bank. 

During the initial focus groups for the development of the Healthier London Support Network, attendees identified areas of interest and need for support.

Following this, the first event, The future of your funding - how to maximise your income in the new commissioning landscape, identified a further range of resources to support funding.

The HLSN has therefore produced a range of documents to support organisations operating in London.



Step by step guide to commisioning

Good Practice Framework for Commissioning

Good Practice Framework Cycle

Good Practice Framework - Acquisition

Good Practice framework - Strategic Planning

Good Practice Framework - Performance Management


Resources within London

HLSN venues in London

Liberating the NHS - Commissioning for patients

Nuffield Trust Giving_GPs_budgets_for_commissioning

Probono opportunities for your business in London

Training courses in London

Translation services in London

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