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Rewarding Green Householders

The Rewarding Green Householders pilot project explored how effective a range of incentives were in encouraging householders to adopt 'greener' lifestyles - driven forward by Community Champions. We worked with Champions from two wards within the London Borough of Ealing - chosen for the strong support received from both the local authority and the community partners, including West Twyford Resident’s Association and Park Royal Partnership.

Key selling point of the scheme to the residents:

  • Increase the value of your home / property
  • Help build a safer, healthier and more cohesive community
  • Make a positive contribution to your local economy and area by adopting a more sustainable lifestyle

Project Activities:

Key Results and Outcomes:

Project Successes and Lessons Learned:

Colin McKenzie of Brentmead Gardens won the 1st prize for the 'Best Household'. He said: "This scheme has made me much more aware of the things I can do to reduce my carbon footprint. I tried collecting the water that usually goes to waste while you wait for it to get hot or cold, and this turned out to be a lot, and I've been getting into good recycling habits."

Zeina Zein of Spencer Close won the category for 'Most Innovative Practice'. She said: "The starter-kits introduced me to cycle routes, pink garden waste bags and more awareness of water and electricity saving issues. I am now willing to buy the pink bags although I wasn't before. I am recycling every single piece of paper, carton and glass. I'm really glad we can recycle plastics too now."

The prize winners are:
'Best Household'                           'Most Innovative Practice'
1st prize - Colin McKenzie               1st prize - Zeina Zein
2nd prize - Claire Midson                  2nd prize - Vitra Sookoo
3rd prize - Phillipe Calliste                3rd prize - Clair McIntyre

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