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London Sustainability Exchange (LSx) together with UCL has been working with London’s faith communities to think about ways of reducing their water consumption. With the average Londoner consuming 160 litres of water a day and nearly 6,000,000 Londoners identifying with a particular faith, tying water efficiency to religious beliefs has the potential to deliver significant water savings in London.

But with so many different faiths living together in the city, a one size fits all approach is not going to deliver the water savings we need.



The project aims to design and disseminate water conservation/efficiency communications amongst London’s different faith communities.

LSx has been working with individual faith communities from five of London’s major faiths to create campaign messages, resources and activities that are tailored to the beliefs and practices of each individual faith.


How has the project been implemented?


Who have we worked with?

LSx has collaborated with community champions from

We have/are working with the following faith groups:


“When I am in the kitchen I wash everything twice. If I have the dal (dried pulse), the rice, the vegetables, I fill the sink and wash it again and again to get rid of the grit. I know that is a waste of water and that is where I hope to improve and reduce water consumption.”


-    Member of Mosque


“Water is a gift and I have a sense of accountability” 

-    Faith leader


Read out Faith and Water toolkit




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