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Acting on CO2 at the Battersea Fields workshops


Under the Energise London programme we are running a pilot study in a different borough of need each year to address domestic energy and water usage. Transport, factories, offices and homes in London emit 67 million tonnes of carbon dioxide as well as large quantities of other gases and pollutants harmful to health and quality of life1.

Of this, almost one quarter is generated by home energy use and roughly half of these domestic emissions could be reduced by simple behavioural changes and basic energy efficiency measures. Furthermore, the South-East is in a continual state of high water stress.

Under the Wandsworth pilot we are testing different behaviour change mechanisms in three different communities of interest.

Participatory Budgeting - Battersea Fields Residents' Management Organisation

Participatory budgeting directly involves local people in making decisions on the spending and priorities for public budgets. It establishes a process in which the effects of people's involvement are directly seen in either policy change or spending priorities and is not just a consultation exercise, but an embodiment of direct, deliberative democracy. The resident's management organisation of Battersea Fields is the decision making body for the estate, having been handed control of its own affairs by the council, and is open to all residents.

Peer to peer and group support - Rotary Club

Utilising the social capital and weekly contact that occurs within Wandsworth’s five Rotary clubs, LSx aims to trial the concept of peer-to-peer exchange as a mechanism of change.  It is believed that members sharing stories, in conjunction with using monitoring and measuring equipment, will heighten consciousness and disrupt habits in order to improve energy and water efficiency in the home. 

Champions of change - Transition Town Tooting

Here we are using LSx's strong experience in using champions to harness the enthusiasm and activity of the Transition movement. By training the champions in peer engagement we equip them with the skills to harness their enthusiasm for the environment to directly contact a wider number of people: discussing with them environmental issues and encouraging them to use a variety of tools and methods to help them save energy and water.



1. Greater London Authority 2007, Action today to protect tomorrow: the Mayor’s Climate Change Action Plan, London

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