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Warmer Homes

For many, fuel poverty is of increasing concern; it now affects 10% of all London's households.  With energy prices set to continue to rise in the long term, the most deprived communities in London will be under mounting financial pressure. The choice between a warm home and a warm dinner will become increasingly commonplace.


One of the principal drivers of fuel poverty is poor energy efficiency. While more money has been allocated to provide energy retrofits in social housing through the Decent Homes programme in London, there remains a huge challenge to engage people. Taking on poor energy efficiency in hard-to-treat homes (which are commonplace in London) while also striving to disrupt residents as little as possible is an ongoing challenge for councils and housing associations.

We have been working with local organisations such as food banks and health charities to recruit and train energy champions to deliver energy saving advice and simple low cost retrofits (such as radiator panels) to those who most need it. We recently worked with 26 energy champions from 10 different food banks across London, fitting energy saving retrofit materials with an estimated combined carbon saving of 9631 kg of CO2 per year (£3308 equivalent). We also spent time working with volunteers from at the East London Mosque, read more about it here


“Some food bank guests come from social services with a housing problem. No-one has asked them about energy debt before” - Volunteer from Haringey Food bank

“This is particularly helpful for someone newly moved into the area – they don’t know how to access local services” - Energy Champion from North Enfield Food bank

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