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Developing Respect


Our city will have a culture of fairness and respect for people and the environment. The right of all London's citizens and communities to pursue fulfilment will be assured, so long as this does not infringe on the rights of others.


We will celebrate the unique ethnic and cultural diversity of London's citizens as London's key strength. We will be a society free from inequality and discrimination, striving for greater equality of opportunity for all, actively opposing and challenging racism. We will consider unacceptable all forms of discrimination and prejudice as a result of a person's race, gender, disability, age, sexuality, faith, HIV status, or place of residence.


Our city will be a place where everyone feels at ease and is able to enjoy life. All who work, live and play in the city will be able to pursue their objectives in peace, free from the threat of crime, violence or intrusion.


Our communities will be dynamic, stable, adaptable, innovative and progressive - creating a city in which conflicts will be resolved as part of a transparent and participatory process.

Source: London Sustainable Development Framework

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