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Key London buildings introduce green technologies

The London Transport Museum and the Palestra building have both installed photovoltaic (PV) roof panels to reduce energy consumption, while City Hall has submitted an application to install PV panels and solar shading.

Palestra, designed by Will Alsop is now home to both The London Development Agency (LDA) and the London Climate Change Agency (LCCA). Prior to their relocation, the LDA and LCCA announced installation of a combined photovoltaic (PV) roof panel and wind turbine renewable energy system. The 84kW system will save 3,300 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over its lifetime and generate 3,397,000kWh of renewable electricity. This is the first commercial use of a combined solar and wind power system in the UK.

The introduction of renewable energy systems at Palestra follows the installation of PV roof panels at the London Transport Museum. As part of it restoration, the London Transport Museum has fitted PV panels. It is the first Grade II building to install PV panels which will generate 2,136,000kWh of electricity, equivalent to 16 per cent of the museum’s energy requirements. Over its lifetime the panels will cut between 1,415 tonnes and 2,075 of carbon dioxide emissions.

Both schemes were funded by the LCCA with support from the Energy Saving Trust.

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City Hall

London Transport Museum 

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