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Sustainability Indicator sets

Find out here about the different sets of sustainability indicators available online.


Sustainable development indicators in your pocket 2008(UK Government, July 2008)

These include 20 UK Framework Indicators, which are shared by the UK Government and the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The remaining 48 indicators in the strategy highlight additional priorities relevant to the UK Government Strategy and fall into one or more of the four priority areas. There is a commitment to create an additional indicator for wellbeing.

National Sustainable Tourism Indicators

The indicators update those first published by the former English Tourism Council in 2001 to help measure England's progress towards making tourism more sustainable. The indicators are a set of headline indicators based around the ETC's three core objectives for the management of sustainable tourism which are to: enhance and preserve the environment; support local communities and their culture; and benefit the economy of tourism destinations.

A review of these indicators is found here.

Quality of Life Indicators(Audit Commission, September 2002)

The Audit Commission led a year-long pilot process with more than 90 local authorities during the financial year 2001/02 in order to develop a set of quality of life indicators. This exercise was prompted by the new powers given to Local Authorities in the Local Government Act 2000 to promote the social, economic and environmental well-being of their area and to work with partners to prepare a community strategy.
The final report 'Using Quality of Life indicators' contains an Indicator pull-out chart with the final set of 38 indicators.



Report on London's Quality of Life Indicators (London Sustainable Development Commission, May 2005)

The London Sustainable Development Commission produced their first report on the 20 headline sustainability indicators for London.

Regional Indicator Summaries  (UK Government, updated March 2009)

Regional versions of the UK Government’s indicators of sustainable development were published to help provide a perspective of sustainable development in each region. The regional indicators pull together already published statistics to enable comparisons to be made between regions and with progress nationally.Fact sheets for each of the nine Government Office regions including London can be found here.

Health in London: Looking Back, Looking Forward (London Health Commission, March 2007)

The report provides an update on the progress made regarding the ten London Health Strategy high-quaility indicators, reviews the trends found in the determinants of health and health outcomes in London and looks forward to the opportunities to act on the determinants of health and reducing health inequalities.

Making Indicators Count - Making Measurement of Quality of Life Indicators More Influential in Local Governance  (New Economics Foundation, 2003)

‘Making Indicators Count’ is a project of the New Economics Foundation and the University of the West of England, Bristol, which explores how to make measurement of quality of life more meaningful and influential in local governance. Between March 2002 and February 2003 ‘Making Indicators Count’ will work with 90 UK local bodies, which have been involved in the 'Quality of Life Indicators Project' of the Audit Commission.

List of Local Quality of Life Indicators (Audit Commission, August 2005)

Outlines the indicators used to measure the quality of life in individual local areas in line with the wider national sustainable development strategy.

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