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Young Idea Champions for Health

The Ideas Store In Tower Hamlets are to expand their innovative 'Idea Champions' scheme to incorporate health. This is intended to help achieve the Borough's Local Area Agreement (LAA) to halt the current year on year rise in child obesity.

In March 2003, the Bow Idea Store led the way in consulting and involving young people in the development of activities to meet their own needs. From this, the Idea Champions project was born, with young people aged 16-19 working as part-time volunteers to plan and help deliver a learning programme for their peer group. The programme included:

A new health-focused scheme will now establish a resource of peer educators to promote healthy choices, building on the success of the Idea Champions project and linking to the health information service provided with local partners. The Idea Champions project was given new impetus by Every Child Matters and the LAA, both of which recognise the impact of health on education and employment as well as the role of volunteering in building skills and confidence – leading to greater wellbeing.


Zoinul Abidin

Idea Store Whitechapel

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